The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool in Summer

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta may have sung about Summer Nights, but the one thing they forgot to mention is the importance of making small but necessary changes to your bedding. When summer sets in, and the nights heat up, it’s time to update your bedding, and ensure a great night’s sleep throughout warmer months.

Lightweight, breathable material is key to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout balmy summer nights. Fibres like linen are naturally temperature regulating, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen softens with each wash, further enhancing its comfort each time you sleep.

Cotton is another fibre offering breathability and softness. Choose a cotton percale sheet set if you prefer a crisp, cool feeling against your skin. If you'd rather silky smoothness, opt for a cotton sateen sheet set. Lower thread counts feel more lightweight, perfectly suited to warmer months.

If you're one for keeping up with innovations in homewares, our TENCEL™ Lyocell sheeting collections have botanical inputs and are gentle on the skin, breathable and temperature regulating — a great choice for summer.

For the hot summer months, there’s nothing like a light and airy quilt to keep your body temperature regulated. Choose from a cotton (Ultracool™) option, or if you like a heavier weight on you while you sleep, go for an all seasons wool option — don’t worry, it truly is for all seasons as wool is highly breathable. Alternatively, opt for a feather and down quilt or our Deluxe Dream range, both surprisingly lightweight.

With our range of pillows, you won’t have to keep flipping them over to find the “cool” side — they offer breathability and temperature regulation.
You can choose from feather & down; super soft, luxuriously lightweight and easy to shape. Latex, derived from trees, boasts a pincore hole design that allows for air circulation.

For warmer sleepers, we recommend the Therapillo™ Memory Foam Pillow, which features cooling gel — you can probably guess what that helps with. (Hint: cooling).

Find a quilt too hot in the summer months? Are you always having to poke your feet out the bottom to cool down, risking foot monsters? Solution: bed covers. They add just the right level of warmth and weight for those balmy nights. In a range of colours, patterns and fabrics, you’ll find one to coordinate and complement your seasonal bed linen. It can be used year round, too.

It’s time to send you winter favourites into hibernation and build your new season bed for cool and comfortable summer nights.